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  • Reduces processing & submission time by 80-90%
  • Identifies, imports and tests records at speeds up to 10,000 records per minute
  • Corrects most common data entry errors via group edits
  • Requires no special training
  • Automatically re-verifies census tracts for accuracy
  • Enables you  to stay in compliance with quarterly updates
  • Electronically submits in all current year regulator formats
  • Imports from standard ASCII text and HMDA2 data files

Automated Geocoding

  • Automated geocoding processes up to 10,000 records per minute
  • No street address adjustments needed (as required with other software)
  • Runs in the background while you work on other tasks

One-Step Submission

  • All you need is a final database -- we do the rest
  • Automatically encrypts your report and creates an email submission
  • Displays reporting information for agency

Can Analyze Your Production

  • Conventional / FHA / VA
  • Purchase / Refinance / Home-Improvement
  • Owner-Occupied / Non-Owner-Occupied
  • Originations / Fundings / Denials / Withdrawn Apps
  • Race, Sex and Ethnicity
  • Specific denial reasons
  • Records by State
  • Rate spread by Race/Gender/Ethnicity

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