Experience & History

Since 1995, QuestSoft's mission has been to make your job easier.

QuestSoft provides you talents and experience no one else has.

  • 130+ years of combined executive team financial and mortgage industry experience.
  • 20+ years experience in designing software exclusively for mortgage industry.
  • 10+ years of providing compliance-quality geocoding services.
  • 15+ years of direct compliance risk management assistance for institutions of all sizes.

In the early 1990's, Leonard Ryan co-owned a mortgage company, so he knows what it's like to be a lender. Computers were an important business tool then, but . . . well, there had to be a better way. As Senior Vice President of RAM Computer Associates, then MixStar Inc., Leonard helped design software and communications to help improve processes. Technology was moving quickly, but the mortgage industry was not. In 1995 Leonard founded QuestSoft to fill that gap.


  • The first product created to submit public loan data under the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act.
  • The software was a hit -- and it still is today, used by more banks, credit unions and mortgage lenders than any other software.

There was so much more to mortgage lending compliance than HMDA. QuestSoft soon set its sights on other ways to automate the compliance process, including:




  • A software platform to navigate lenders through complex and ever-increasing web of federal, state and local rules and regulations.
  • It became so successful, it soon became the company's flagship program, adding features and enhancements so clients stay ahead of intensifying regulatory burdens.



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  • With verifications becoming high priority, it only made sense that QuestSoft put its VOEIRS 4506-TSSA-89 and e-Signatures services under single platform as well.
  • What had been a dozen products and services now grouped together into three distinct categories.

What does the future hold? Our experience tells us the intense regulatory scrutiny will continue and become more complex. Real people and families were affected by the economic calamity, and the government wants to ensure the financial industry is held accountable for all they do. Software may not be a solution to the country's troubles, but it can help keep new problems from becoming disasters.

At QuestSoft, it's our job to make your job easier. "Compliance Without Complexity" is our slogan, and it guides everything we do.

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