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How to Submit Your HMDA Data to the CFPB

View Compliance RELIEF (HMDA RELIEF) Submission Instructions  Compliance RELIEF HMDA instructions

All HMDA data submissions are processed through the CFPB HMDA Platform.

Before you can use the CFPB HMDA Platform you must create an account. Please allow up to 2 full business days for the CFPB to approve your account. If you created an account in a previous year, your credentials should still be valid. Remember, the submission deadline this year is March 2, 2020 by 11:59 Eastern Time.

After your account is created, use QuestSoft’s Compliance/HMDA RELIEF to correct all edits as shown in the 2019 Filing Instructions Guide (FIG).

Note: You must be on the year-end version (or greater) of Compliance RELIEF to officially submit your data. Be sure to perform a “Complete Retest” of your database prior to creating your submission file. (This can be performed automatically from the Submit screen.)

Once your HMDA data is free of Validity Errors (Edits) and you are OK with all of your Quality Errors (Edits) and you have reviewed your Macro Edits, visit the “Submit” tab and click the “Process Submission” button within Compliance/HMDA RELIEF to create the HMDA.txt file to upload your data to the CFPB HMDA Platform. 

Once the file is uploaded, please follow the online prompts to submit your data. The process is paperless, though you should receive an email from with the subject “HMDA Filing Accepted!”. The body of the email will contain a receipt number for your submission. QuestSoft has no access to this email. If you do not receive it, check your SPAM or Junk folders. You can also print the final screen in the Submission Platform for verification and sign back in at any time to review your submission. 

If the data needs to be changed, edited or corrected, please return to Compliance/HMDA RELIEF to make any changes and then re-upload the corrected HMDA.txt submission file. You can resubmit as many times as you like before the deadline. 

View HMDA submission errors here.

If you need assistance with the Compliance/HMDA RELIEF portion of the process, please email

If you need assistance with the CFPB HMDA Platform, please email

CFPB HMDA Platform

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To register, please go to the HMDA Platform and click Create an account.

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