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ProLender Expands Compliance EAGLE Integration

ProLender Expands Compliance EAGLE Integration

San Diego, CA, December, 2013 -- ProLender Solutions, Inc., a provider of paperless mortgage lending software, announced today the addition of Fraud, Flood and NMLS services to its existing interface with QuestSoft’s Compliance EAGLE platform.

QuestSoft is a leading provider of compliance software and services to lenders. Its Compliance EAGLE platform automates the compliance review process allowing lenders to identify and correct errors from the point of origination to post-closing. The expanded services provide ProLender users a simple method to verify flood certifications, fraud compliance and NMLS license info prior to closing loans.

“In today’s highly regulated mortgage market, automated compliance tools are no longer an option -- they're a must,” said Steve Butler, Senior Vice President at QuestSoft. “ProLender is adding our complete suite of compliance reviews to reduce lender risk and exposure, and ensure the sustainability of every client.”

The user simply chooses the service(s) they wish to order from a simple screen within the ProLender loan management system. The data is pulled from the loan record and sent to Compliance EAGLE for evaluation against compliance regulations and standards at the federal, state, and local levels. Within seconds, the user receives the audit results. ProLender tracks the status, date/time and the user who ordered each service providing an accurate record of the compliance review on each loan. When a document is returned, like the Flood Certification, a copy is automatically archived within ImageCenter and key information is populated into the loan record.

“The addition of Fraud, Flood and NMLS services, our existing integration gives our clients a robust set of compliance tools previously not available,” said Kevin Roczey, President of ProLender Solutions. “With the overwhelming number of changes in regulations, compliance is more important than ever and now our clients have an easy and verifiable way to ensure compliance is being adhered to correctly.”

The ProLender Administrator may enable all or some of the services offered in the Compliance EAGLE integration from within Admin Settings. To learn more about each of the Compliance EAGLE services, visit

About QuestSoft Laguna Hills, Calif.-based QuestSoft is an established provider of comprehensive and automated compliance software and services to the mortgage, banking and credit union industries. The company’s products enable more than 1,800 banks, credit unions and mortgage companies to simplify the collection, analysis, compilation and reporting of key lending regulatory report data. For more information about QuestSoft and its products, visit the company's website at

About ProLender Solutions, Inc. Founded in 2002 by seasoned mortgage software veterans, ProLender Solutions, Inc. develops comprehensive, yet easy-to-use, paperless lending software designed to automate back-office processes for mortgage lenders. The ProLender System™ includes the ProLender® loan management software, ImageCenter™ electronic document management, and the WebLender™ web portal. The system integrates with many top vendors for loan origination, compliance, credit, closing docs, mortgage registration, warehouse banks and much more. The ProLender System allows users to work from one corporate lending platform; thus streamlining the mortgage lending process and eliminating the potential for costly mistakes. For more information, visit, call 858.974.4888 or email Alyssa Burley at