2018 Fall Compliance Webinar Series

In today's competitive lending environment, lenders must be able to reduce origination costs, offer innovative products & services and retain profits. This webinar series will help you navigate the often complex mortgage regulations while remaining profitable.

QuestSoft has partnered with industry experts to provide you with free informational webinars that help you streamline the compliance process and focus on the bottom line.

Part 1: Mortgage Compliance in the Digital Era

[Archived 9/6/18]

Changes in origination technology are occurring overnight in the banking and loan origination sectors. Borrowers are demanding better processes, lenders are seeking processes that reduce costs, and loan origination companies are fighting for the best producers by introducing new digital tools. Meanwhile, investors are demanding source data and agencies are promising Day 1 Certainty™ for those that can provide it. How will you adapt?

Digital Mortgage Compliance Webinar


Part 2: The Truth About Non-QM Lending

[Archived 9/20/18]

Recently, there has been a surge of non-QM lending as lenders look to offer alternative products to qualified borrowers. However, regulatory scrutiny, documentation, investor requirements and underwriting criteria have prevented some lenders from offering non-QMs.

Non-QM Compliance Webinar

Part 3: S.2155 Implementation — The Latest HMDA Changes

[Archived 10/03/18]

On March 22, 2018, the House of Representatives passed Senate Bill S.2155, also known as the Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, and Consumer Protection Act. While the bill brings about many positive changes, there has been confusion as to how these amendments will take effect and how you should prepare.

S.2155 HMDA Implementation Webinar

Part 4: Why CRA Data and Analysis is More Important Than Ever

[Archived 11/07/18]

The Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) has recently been overshadowed by HMDA changes and regulatory relief activities, but it's coming back into the crosshairs. In 2017, the U.S. Department of the Treasury committed to “comprehensively assess how the CRA could be improved” in a report to the President. In April 2018, Treasury submitted their findings and recommendations to the OCC, FRB, and FDIC. Since that time, the prudential regulators have made public announcements regarding changes to CRA.

CRA Compliance Webinar

Part 5: Expanded HMDA = Expanded Fair Lending Risk

[Archived 3/05/19]

It is more important than ever that you understand everything about your lending activities – who, what, where, when, why and how! Expanded data submitted to regulators means analysis will be performed without your involvement – including performance comparisons to peers and credit needs assessments. Even if you are an institution that is exempt from the expanded data requirements, your performance will be compared to lenders that are not exempt. It is more important than ever that you understand the entire lending process in order to effectively manage fair lending risk.

Fair Lending Compliance Webinar