laserpro and questsoft integrations

With the cooperation of D+H, QuestSoft has expanded its Compliance RELIEF integration with LaserPro® by adding several new fields for HMDA and CRA processing and improving data transfer speeds.

Many of the newly added fields are used for Fair Lending analysis, and we anticipate that some of this data will be included when the CFPB finalizes the expanded HMDA changes.These fields are in addition to all of the required HMDA and CRA data elements that have always been part of the LaserPro integration.

The additional fields that now import from LaserPro are :

bullet Appraised Value bullet Conforming Jumbo Flag
bullet Loan Program bullet Origination Fee Percent (HUD-1 or GFE)
bullet Prepaid Finance Charge bullet Proposed Monthly Housing Expense
bullet Origination Fee Amount bullet Borrower Net Worth
bullet Monthly Debt bullet Private Mortgage Insurance Flag

There are now nearly 100 fields available for import into Compliance RELIEF, HMDA RELIEF and CRA RELIEF, meaning QuestSoft can now offer enhanced data analysis and reporting for HMDA, CRA and Fair Lending for LaserPro users. We have also made substantial improvements to the speed of the interface, offering users with larger LaserPro databases substantially faster imports.

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