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Compliance Verify’s full suite of IRS-4506-T and SSA-89 verification services helps prevent fraud and glitches before each loan is funded. A personal review by a QuestSoft expert ensures that data is properly provided.

Features you gain include:

  • We offer some of the fastest turn-around times in the industry
  • Orders processed same day up to 7:30 PM Eastern, 4:30 PM Pacific
  • Free Web VERIFY or Desktop VERIFY ordering and tracking software
  • Complimentary customer support and IRS dispute resolution services
  • Automated distribution of completed transcripts
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Your 4506-T single point-of-contact expert ensures smooth processes and quick answers.


Expedite the underwriting process with following verifications

  • 1040 -- US Individual Tax Returns
  • W2 -- Wage and Tax Statements
  • 1098 & 1099 -- Misc Income
  • 5498 -- IRA Contribution Information
  • SSA & K1 -- Income Verification
  • 1120 -- US Corporation Income Tax Return
  • 1120s --  US Income Corporation Tax Return for a S Corporation
  • 1065 -- US Return of Partnership Income


SSA-89 verifications in seconds.


CBSV (Content-Based SSN Verification)

  • Prevent possible fraud
  • Meet investor requirements
  • Track progress instantly


QuestSoft provides the latest in cloud-based borrower verification services.

  • Free cloud-based software for Compliance VERIFY clients organizes both 4506-T and SSA-89 transcripts in one central library, tracking the request and delivery of documents
  • Creating a new 4506-T, ordering and submitting the forms are all just a click away


Desktop option for Compliance VERIFY brrower verification services and data storage.

  • Free software for Compliance VERIFY clients that helps organize and track your 4506-T and SSA-89 verifications
  • Simple, powerful and intuitive, it stores all your documents in one place, allowing you to keep an eye on their status and find what you need in just one click


Legally binding e-signatures for 4506-T services.

  • Comprehensive e-signature technology to ensure your signed documents are secure and will be accepted by the IRS
  • We can't tell you all the secrets behind the scenes, but our e-Signature verifications help speed and streamline your processes. One day, the fax machine will just be a memory


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