Market Data

performance comparison reports provide market data to evaluate CRA compliance

As part of CRA RELIEF, QuestSoft offers performance comparison reports that provide the vital market data necessary to accurately evaluate your bank's performance under the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA).


Key Report Features

  • Each Report Package is custom-tailored to your specific CRA Assessment Area(s)
  • Delivered electronically in PDF format
  • Data is quickly incorporated into reports for both your Examiners and Board of Directors
  • Report data integrated into new CRA RELIEF market-based reports
  • Additionally, data can be used to identify new markets for your institution's products

CRA does not specify quantitative performance standards. Instead, examiners rely on “performance context” data to assess performance. This data has been captured, organized and presented in a series of reports that establish the most important quantitative standards against which your bank will be compared.

Below are sample reports to give an idea of what information the reports offer and how they are formatted.

Comprehensive Mortgage Lender Profile

This Report summarizes all reported HMDA mortgage activity in your uniquely defined community. The Report shows the volume and value of all mortgage originations and the market rank and market share of all reporting lenders. The Report also shows and ranks every lender's LMI and minority lending activity. This Report is very valuable for CRA Lending Tests 1 and 4.
Report1A_Lender-Profile-by-Market-Share pdf_icon

Mortgage Market Lender Penetration Rates Report

This report allows users to see and compare the mortgage market "penetration rates" in Low- and Moderate-income census tracts and to Low- and Moderate-income mortgage borrowers among all HMDA-reporting lenders active within the defined community.
Report1B_Mortgage-Market-Penetration pdf_icon

Mortgage Lender LMI Tract Ranking Report

This report ranks and compares all the lenders and their activity in your assessment area's LMI tracts. This Report is invaluable for CRA Lending Test 3.
Report2_LMI-Tract-Ranking pdf_icon

Detailed Mortgage Borrower Profile

This Report breaks down all mortgage loan activity by Borrower income class for each and every census tract within your assessment area. This Report is pertinent to CRA Lending Tests 2, 3 and 4.
Report3_Borrower-Income-Profile-by-County-Census-Tracts pdf_icon

LMI Tract Mortgage Borrower Profile

This Report correlates LMI borrowers with LMI tract activity and is important for CRA Lending Tests 3 and 4.
Report4_Borrower-Income-Profile-by-County-LMI-Tracts pdf_icon

Assessment Area Concentration Ratios

This report summarizes, ranks and compares every lender in your state with respect to the relative commitment of lending resources in their assessment area. This Report allows comparison of your bank to every lender in your state under CRA Lending Test 1.
Report5_Concentration-Ratios-of-All-Reporting-Banks pdf_icon

Comprehensive CRA Small Business Lending

This report summarizes, ranks and compares every lender in your state with respect to the relative commitment of lending resources in their assessment area. This Report allows comparison of your bank to every lender in your state under CRA Lending Test 1.
Report6_Reported-CRA-Lending pdf_icon

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CRA Lending in Assessment Area LMI Tracts

This Report focuses on the critical lending in the LMI neighborhoods in your defined community. The data used in this Report applies to CRA Lending Test 3.
Report7_Reported-CRA-Lending-LMI-Tracts pdf_icon

CRA Lender Profile Report

This Report details, ranks and compares the small business lending activity of reporting lenders in any county which is included in your assessment area. This Report is fundamental to CRA Lending Test 1.
Report8_CRA-Lending-Market-Rank pdf_icon

Community Development Lending

This Report displays and ranks all lenders based in your state and their reported community development lending activity. Essential for CRA Lending Test 5.
Report9_CRA-Data-for-State-Lender-Rank pdf_icon

CRA Very Small Business Rankings

This Report compares and ranks all CRA reporting lenders based on their lending to very small businesses. Critical to CRA Lending Test 4.
Report10_Reported-CRA-Lending-to-Very-Small-Business pdf_icon

CRA Very Small Business Loan Index

This Report creates an index of the relative amount of lending to very small businesses ($1 million or less annual revenue) that allows comparison of all reporting lenders in your state. Even small banks can compare to and outperform large banks because the index levels the playing field. Critical to CRA Lending Test 4.
Report11_Relative-Commitment-to-Very-Small-Business pdf_icon

Self-Assessment Performance Synopsis

The Performance Synopsis summarizes and highlights the 6 most important CRA performance benchmarks so you can see precisely how your bank compares to market experience for each loan test. Each benchmark is supported by pages of detailed market data in your Performance Benchmark Reports.
Report13_CRA-Self-Assessment-Comparison-to-Key-Performance-Benchmarks pdf_icon

All of the above reports can be delivered within 3 business days.
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