Get answers to common questions about our HMDA RELIEF software!

Q. Does HMDA RELIEF allow me to import from multiple LOS/sources and have one combined LAR?
YES! We interface with over 40 LOS, and HMDA RELIEF makes the merge process extremely easy!

Q. Does HMDA RELIEF allow me to fix errors in a batch mode vs. one error at a time?
Yes! We have group edits that pool common errors together and allows the user to fix hundreds to thousands of errors in one click!

Q. My institution falls under the threshold of 500 applications within the last 2 years, so we qualify for exemptions. Does HMDA RELIEF set the exempt fields for my LAR?
Yes! HMDA RELIEF support both exempt and non-exempt reporters with the click of a button. HMDA RELIEF will set all possible exempt fields to exempt and even allows the institution to optionally report specific exempt fields.