submission relief helps users who have network problemsFFIEC's latest encryption for submitting hmda and cra data

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Submission RELIEF was developed to assist users who have had IT/network problems with their email submissions in years past.

Using the Submission RELIEF method will allow you to upload
your HMDA and/or CRA submission data to a secure QuestSoft
website where we will process it automatically and submit it
for you instantly.

The Submission RELIEF web page is fully secured and uses TLSv1 and above with an SHA2 certificate of RSA 2048 bits. A password protected zip file containing your submission data is uploaded to the website where QuestSoft will process it on our secure servers using the FFIEC's latest encryption utility and submit it to the appropriate agency.

NOTE: If you have not experienced submission issues in the past and wish to submit via your own email, you can simply choose the "Traditional Email Submission" option on the submission screen. This process has not changed from prior years.

For more information call (800) 575-4632 or Request a Demo