Verifications of employment, income and 4506-t

QuestSoft Verifications are used by many different industries to independently verify information provided by applicants. We make it easy to order verifications with some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry.

Verifications are time consuming, and can slow down your workflow. Ordering any type of verification work through QuestSoft is quick and easy, allowing your team to focus on other tasks.

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     Fast turnaround times.
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     Easy ordering.
     The best support team in the industry.

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Day 1 Certainty

Authorized Day 1 Certainty® Provider

As an authorized Day 1 Certainty Report Provider, QuestSoft's 4506-T service allows lenders to have freedom from reps & warrants. With easy ordering and dedicated support, there has never been a better time to start using QuestSoft Verifications.

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Verification Services:

  • Written or Verbal VOE
  • Highly customizable VOI forms
  • Detailed compensation data
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  • 1040 – US Individual Tax Return
  • W2 – Wage and Tax Statements
  • 1098 & 1099 – Misc Income
  • 5498 – IRA Contribution Information
  • SSA & K1 – Income Verification
  • 1120 – US Corporation Income Tax Return
  • 1120S – US Income Corporation Tax Return for a S Corporation
  • 1065 – US Return of Partnership Income
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  • Prevent possible fraud
  • Meet investor requirements
  • Track progress instantly
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  • Secure transmission of data
  • Automated reports in 30 seconds
  • Refresh reports throughout the process
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  • Customizable file reviews covering: Employment, Income, Assets, Undisclosed Debts, and Occupancy.
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