Asset Verification Services

We can verify assets, both pre-funding and post-closing, to ensure borrower submissions are true and accurate.

QuestSoft verifies assets both manually and through automated systems. With just a copy of the bank statement (or online printout) and a signed authorization, we can confirm the validity of statements directly with the financial institution.

We can handle both:

  • Manual Verifications
  • Automated Verifications

Automated Verification of Assets

Automated Verification of Assets through QuestSoft can easily identify underwriting factors with bank-validated insights that can save up to 6 days during the mortgage origination process. Reports are ready in as little as 30 seconds and can be refreshed throughout the origination process.

How it Works:

A lender requests a Verification of Assets report through Web VERIFY, which sends an email notification to the borrower, who then enters their credentials for their financial institution. A financial report is auto-generated and sent directly to the lender. The entire process takes only a few minutes -- compared to typical turnaround times of a week or more.

The automated process used in Verification of Assets can increase the efficiency of your operation, allowing you to decrease expenses and maintain a digital workflow. Utilizing technology to minimize closing times can help both lenders and borrowers save money and reduce stress. Let us verify your clients' assets so you can focus on originations.

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