Verification of Employment and Income

While automated verifications can be obtained for many large companies, a majority of employment verifications must be done manually. This makes the employment verification process a time-consuming and expensive task – the kind of task that is perfect for outsourcing!

QuestSoft verifies income and employment through:

  • Manual written verifications
  • Automated verifications
  • Verbal verifications

We can verify the following:


With the Verification of Employment, we will verbally confirm that a borrower is currently employed, per Fannie guidelines, within ten days of the Note date (or before delivery of the loan). We will notate the borrower's job title, start date, and termination date if applicable.


With the Verification of Income, we will obtain the borrower’s employment status, position, date of hire, and pay rate, signed and dated by the Human Resources or Payroll representative.


QuestSoft will meet Fannie Mae requirements to verify the employment status of self-employed borrowers, through a CPA, or through other means such as Secretaries of State.

Convenient & Cost-Effective

QuestSoft has performed hundreds of thousands of verifications for a variety of different clients. Our industry knowledge & expertise will allow you to rest assured that all verification work will be handled in a timely manner. From manual verifications, to third party vendors, QuestSoft does it all.

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